Doing Courses The Right Way

3 Important Tips on Prepping for Your CIA Exam

So you’re now ready for the CIA exam, after clocking in enough work experience as an auditor? Earning CIA certification can open avenues for career growth. The CIA examination is not that easy though, so it needs enough preparation. Preparing the right way means drawing up a solid study schedule, selecting the right CIA review materials, and studying effectively.

Let’s take a more detailed look on these three CIA exam prepping elements below:

Draw up a study schedule
Finding Similarities Between Reviews and Life

You will need adequate motivation and willpower to succeed, as we’re dealing with a self-study exam. You can be more organized and accountable when you’re working with a schedule. Sticking to the schedule helps to ensure the course doesn’t take up too much time to complete.
Finding Similarities Between Reviews and Life

You must first consider your other every day responsibilities in order to create a good schedule. Responsibilities may include family, children, work, community participation, etc. Write these things down so you can know how much time would be available to study for the exam. After establishing what times you’ll be free, begin slotting in the blocks of preparation time into the schedule. Remember to allocate enough time for each subject.

Having study goals is also essential. For example, when do you want to take the CIA exam? With a timeline in mind, it is easier to remain on track because you’re aware of the amount of time you have to accomplish a goal.

Choose Study resources for the exam

Next up if finding the best resources for the CIA exam. There are quite a few resources out there to help you make the most of your study time, including CIA review courses, practice tests, audio lectures and workbooks. You will find that each review course has something different to offer, with different tools and training methods employed. Most of them fortunately offer trials, so you can try them out before buying. To find the one that best suits your needs, it would help to try out a few options first.

Effective studies

Once you have your schedule and training materials, it’s now time to focus on how you’re going to study. To be able to easily grasp concepts, it’s vital that you maintain a positive attitude throughout the preparation period.

Don’t try to rush through things. Some people try to take on too much in a week, only to discover they know very little about the topic. So to ensure you understand the material you’ve learned, try to take in a little at a time. Of great importance also is to remain focused during study time. Avoid checking social media, TV or other distractions–you can anyway access them during your scheduled breaks.