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Essential Factors for Selecting the Right Glass Water Bottle The majority of people are shifting from plastic to glass baby bottles, and the reasons for that are very obvious. Glass is a very neat alternative, and it’s made from sand, an extremely pure material. In other words, a glass baby bottle is neater, very healthy, and more durable. Here are some factors you may need to look at when selecting a glass water bottle: Type of Glass
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It’s possible to break down glass into many categories, but most glass items are either soda lime glass or borosilicate glass. The most common type is soda lime, and it’s responsible for 80% of commercial glass. When choosing your glass water bottle, you may prefer borosilicate due to its ability to withstand extreme temperature. Though this is not cookware, research has shown that cookware made of soda lime is unable to withstand fracture stress under high temperature.
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What is the Cap Lining Made Of? You may wish to pick a bottle with stainless steel cap lining as opposed to plastic. When you’d like to enjoy toxic-free water, you certainly don’t want plastic near your mouth. If you pick stainless steel, you’ll avoid exposure to BPA and phthalates that are a threat to your health. The Sleeve Issue Any glass water bottle with silicone sleeve is perfect. Your glass bottle is prone to dropping and breaking, so there ought to be a way to minimize the risk. When shopping, prioritize a bottle that has an easy non-slip grip. A sleeve will offer a tight grip, breakage protection, and prevention of heat transfer, ensuring your water stays cool. A glass baby bottle with a medical-grade silicone sleeve will certainly impress. The sleeve is made of silica–an element extracted from sand, and it is durable and non-toxic. Portability Typically, a water bottle proves useful when there’s no source of clean drinking water near you, and thus, it should be easy to carry around while you’re on the move. You may wish to slip into a baby stroller’s bottle holder or a gym bag, but the bottle has to be extremely portable. With regard to a glass baby bottle, you may opt for a sleek, slim construction. Volume Capacity Certain individuals will prefer a 20 oz glass water bottle, and in other cases, a 16 oz or 21 oz bottle is desired. Your choice is a matter of what’s most comfortable for you provided that your thirst is quenched. Regarding the question of water consumption, you don’t have to follow any standard rule, just observe your day to day drinking water habits before picking the volume for your glass water bottle. Due to certain health safety issues, people are increasingly choosing glass bottles for water rather than plastic ones.